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2016 Holy Synod

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TOC 2018 Unification

Eparchy of the Unification


Statement on Communion with Sister Synods


The Orthodox Metropolia of North and South America and the British  Isles would like to inform the Clergy and Monastics of our Synod, as  well as the Clergy and Monastics of other True Orthodox Synods, about  recent events that have transpired in regards to the recent visit of our  Metropolitan John and Hieromonk Enoch to meet with our fellow Hierarchs  in Greece.

        Our Synod has been, since last year, once again in contact  with the Synod of Avlona in order to solve the theological issue that  caused a disruption of intercommunion between our Synod and that of our  brethren in Greece and Russia.  This resulted in many positive  developments with the most important being that the First Hierarch of  the Russian Church, Metropolitan Seraphim, gave up his tolerance of the  acceptability of accepting the ideas of the Imiaslavie heresy.  With  this move, there was no longer any important theological issue that  impeded resumption of full communion between our Churches.  Secondly, a  statement was sent by our Synodal Chancery under Metropolitan John that  confirmed the basic tenet of our re-affirmation of full communion with  the Greek and Russian Synods, and this statement was received with  acceptance before any visit was made to Greece.  Thirdly, we had not  expected to be able to visit Greece so soon, but, an invitation was  extended at the last moment, and, despite numerous obstacles of  convenience that would have otherwise postponed a visit by a few months,  with the consent of our Synod, Metropolitan John, accompanied by Father  Hieromonk Enoch, went to Greece.  Once in Greece, private meetings were  held by the First Hierarchs of the True Orthodox Synods that were  present, in which a re-affirmation of our principles was established.   On the Sunday following, that of the Second Sunday after Pascha (Myrrh-Bearers Sunday),  we concelebrated and formally sealed the re-union.  Following the  Liturgy and the Procession for the monastery’s patron, additional talks  were held, and it was decided that a formal designation should be  adopted to identify our mutual communion of canonical Orthodox Sister  Churches, in order to distinguish it from other groupings of churches  that use the designation Orthodox.  For this reason the name for our  Union of Churches was adopted as “The International Union of Genuine  Orthodox Churches”.   Our common principles are our already accepted  principles of True Orthodoxy, and, thus, are against the heresies of  Modernism, Ecumenism, Sergianism, and any occult or Masonic teachings,  and they also assert an affirmation of the exclusive usage of the  Patristic Orthodox (Julian) Calendar.

       Some 20 Bishops were present for these meetings so that this  new International Union comprises Bishops of the canonical Synods of  Greece, under Metropolitan Angelos of Avlona, Russia, under Metropolitan  Seraphim of Moscow and his successor, Metropolitan Tikhon, Ukrainia,  under Metropolitan Varsanuphy of Bukavinia, Georgia, under Metropolitan  Christopher of Tiblisi and our own Synod of North and South America and  the British Isles, under Metropolitan John of New York.  In this Union,  all of these Synods are equal members and in no way are subordinate to  one another.  We believe that, because of the size of the various  churches and peoples under these Synods, this new International Union  represents the largest grouping of truly canonical Orthodox Churches  that are opposed to the heresy of Ecumenism and which are therefore  unwilling to be associated with the present claimant of the Patriarchate  of Constantinople, Bartholomew.

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Holy Metropolitan Synod of the Patristic Calendar of the Genuine Orthodox Church of Hellas. (GOC-Avlona)

Blog of Hieromonk Enoch

North American Eparchy

Autonomous Orthodox Metropolis of Ecuador and Latin America


(GOC-Avlona) Metropolitan Chrysostom (Celi)

True Orthodox Church of Russia Metropolitan Seraphim

(Motovilov)of Moscow (TOC-R)

Metropolitan Evloghios of Milan (Milan Synod)

TOC of Georgia - Metropolitan Cherub of Tbilisi and all Georgi (TOC-G)
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TOC of Moldovia - Metropolitan Varsonofius of Bukovina (TOC-M)
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Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia of Western Europe - Metropolitan Evloghios of Milan (Milan Synod)



The True Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles


Genuine Orthodox Church of Greece


Abp. Kallinikos of Athens (CGOCG)


--Metropolis of Athens and Viotia (CGOCG)


--Metropolis of Thessaloniki (CGOCG)


--Holy Metropolis of Oropos and Phyle (CGOCG)



--Church of the GOC of America - Metropolitan Demetrius of America (CGOCG)


---Diocese of of Etna and Portland (CGOCG)


Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Bulgaria - (OCOCB)


Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Romania - (TOC-Rom)


Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (Metropolitan Agafangel) (ROCA)

Archangels diocese



To  preserve unadulterated the Sacred Tradition of the Holy Fathers of the  Orthodox Church; to continue the mission of the One, Holy Apostolic  Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the nations to whom our service has  been entrusted; to endeavor at every hour to spread the message of  salvation granted to the Holy Apostles as Our Lord commands, to be a  light to the revelation of the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people  Israel.

Saints Peter and Paul Mission Parish

Saints Peter and Paul Parish was established in 1987 and continues to thrive in Carbon County Pennsylvania. Christianity Bible Study god

The Chapel of the Holy Archangels

We host the mission parish until they grow to the point of moving into a larger facility.

OUR JOURNEY TO the Transfiguration of Our Lord

Times of services

SATURDAY 6:00 Pm Vespers and Confession

SUNDAY 9:00 Am Matins 

Divine Liturgy 10:00 Am


The Transfiguration of Our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ –

05/18 August os
II Pet. 1:10-19; Mat. 17:1-9
 At the Transfiguration a voice from heaven uttered, “Hear ye Him.”  (Matt. 17:5) Why is this so? Because the fruit of obedience was being  shown to them. It was as if the Heavenly Father were saying: Do you want  to attain this? Hear what He will suggest and command you to do. If you  go on His path, you will undoubtedly enter into the realm of light,  which will not embrace you from without,  but will come forth from within, and always keep you in a state in  which all of your bones will utter: it is good for us to be this way.  You will be filled with the light of joy, the light of goodwill, the  light of knowledge; all sorrows will pass away, the dissonance of the  passions will disappear, and falsehood and delusion will disperse. On  the earth you will become heavenly; from among the earthborn you will  become Divinely born; from among transitory things you will become  eternally blessed. Then all will be yours, because you yourselves will  become Christ’s. He who loves Christ the Lord is beloved of the Heavenly  Father, and both will come to him and make Their abode with him. This  is the light of the Transfiguration.

+St. Theophan the Reclue



Holy Great Martyr James the Persian (pdf)


John of Damascus (pdf)


The Virtues of the Holy Forefathers (pdf)


The Life of our Holy Mother Mary of Egypt (pdf)



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