Some 20 Bishops were present for these meetings so that this new  International Union comprises Bishops of the canonical Synods of Greece,  under Metropolitan Angelos of Avlona, Russia, under Metropolitan  Seraphim of Moscow and his successor, Metropolitan Tikhon, Ukrainia,  under Metropolitan Varsanuohy of Bukavinia, Georgia, under Metropolitan  Christopher of Tiblisi and our own Synod of North and South America and  the British Isles, under Metropolitan John of New York.  In this Union,  all of these Synods are equal members and in no way are subordinate to  one another.  We believe that, because of the size of the various  churches and peoples under these Synods, this new International Union  represents the largest grouping of truly canonical Orthodox Churches  that are opposed to the heresy of Ecumenism and which are therefore  unwilling to be associated with the present claimant of the Patriarchate  of Constantinople, Bartholomew. 



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